BGC Reveals New Rules for Social Media and Gambling

Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), UK

In the UK, the Betting and Gaming Council has just announced new rules regarding social media accounts, football clubs, and gambling.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is the gaming industry standards body for the United Kingdom. The group often provides insight into the industry, including setting up rules regarding player activity and shareholder operations. This week, the group announced that new rules are in place regarding social media accounts and football clubs. The clubs must be more careful on what they post, ensuring that minors are restricted from seeing offers related to gambling.

Major Social Media Changes

For some time, gaming regulators in the UK have been ramping up efforts to ensure minors are safe from any type of gambling advertising. The goal is to teach young people the proper way to gamble as an adult and keep any type of enticing ads out of their eyesight until they are of age.

With this new change by the BGC, football clubs will need to keep better track of social media account posts. A main concern is posts for gambling ads placed on Twitter accounts of the teams. The new rules do not allow links to gambling websites to be placed within posts. It also forbids any type of call to action in social media tweets.

Any display of direct bonuses or odds are not to be placed in organic tweets, unless the tweets can be guaranteed to be targeted at individuals over the age of 18. The BGC has contacted the Premier League as well as the English Football League and alerted them of the new rules. The Council is also encouraging football clubs to apply the rules to everyone, not just BGC members.

The authority has gone one step further and also contacted social media sites Facebook and Twitter. In a letter, the BGC asked the platforms to introduce age-restrictions on accounts. This would ensure that the posts would not be seen by anyone who is underage.

Concerned for Children

The BGC is worried that children may be exposed to ads related to betting. Brigid Simmonds, the chairman of the BGC, released a statement saying that football clubs are a major part of sport in the UK. The clubs have millions of followers on social media, including children. Because of this, the BGC is concerned that children may see ads connected to gambling on social media accounts.

The new rules created by the authority clear up the standards that clubs need to follow when providing any gambling advertising within their online accounts. The new rules will be implemented as soon as possible, so clubs must be prepared to make changes now.

Simmonds stated further that the BGC members have a zero-tolerance for gambling among those who are under 18 years of age. As an industry, it is concerning that children may be exposed to advertisements for betting on platforms such as Twitter.

The BGC do not want children to be negatively affected by gambling advertisements. The goal is to ensure that children do not see any ads. Last year, the group published its Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising. In this post, the BGC revealed that all members must ensure any paid, or sponsored social media ads are targeted at an audience aged 25 years or older.

This is just one of many changes the BGC is expecting for the gambling industry. It is unclear as to when the new rules will be implemented, but as they stated, the authority is wasting no time in ensuring that the rules are in place so children will be protected from potential gambling harm.

Football clubs have not come out with any statements regarding this change, but it is unlikely that any will be in opposition to this social media request by the BGC.

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