Eggomatic Slots

Production being down at an egg factory is not necessarily the first thing that would spring to mind when thinking of possible themes for a new slot. Well, that is exactly what Net Entertainment came up with. They have created an amazing slot game which is different from every other slot out there. Eggomatic has 25 lines, 5 reels and a unique way of awarding bonus payouts via a special egg machine which gives bonus eggs at random. The concept may be crazy, though the game itself is entertaining, looks amazing and makes a great change-up from the standard slots out there.

Eggomatic is covered in a lot of detail in this review. The first section below deals with how to play the game, describing the unusual setup as well as bet sizes and how to win. After that you will find an overview of the special features, most of which involve the Eggomatic machine to the side of the ‘reels’ in one way or another. Finally my summary of this game can be found, along with how this fits in with other NetEnt slot titles.

How to play the Eggomatic Slot

It might look strikingly different from other slot games, though essentially this is a 20 win-line 5 reel video slot. You cannot adjust the number of winning lines, which remain fixed throughout the game. What you can do is select the number of coins you want to play per line and the size of your coins from 1c and up. This is a very wide range with bets of between 20c and $200 possible (also in Euros or sometimes Pounds).

The regular wins come from lining up chickens within the grid-like structure of the reels. Smaller wins come from the small colored chickens, though the bigger and more character-full chickens pay out the bigger prizes. Biggest of all is the red ‘queen’ chicken. Lining up 5 of this symbol nets you 1000 times your coins. The purple chicken is not far behind with 750 coins. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the chicken, the more money you will win.

There is a wild symbol in this game, which is represented by a chicken holding a sign saying ‘Wild’. These will substitute for any other symbol and will also interact with the eggs moving across the top of the reels from the Eggomatic machine, triggering features (see below) and winning cash amounts.

Eggomatic Slot Features and Bonus Rounds

Bonuses are awarded in a unique way with this particular slot game. As you play, eggs will appear at random across the top of the screen. They come from the Eggomatic machine on the right hand side, and move one reel every time you spin. There are several types of egg – the most common type has a number on it, for example 200. If you get a wild symbol in any reel which has one of these eggs on top of it, the egg will drop down, be caught by the wild chicken and you will win the number of coins specified. If the egg reaches the end of the reels before it is matched with a wild, then it disappears and you lose out on that bonus.

There are enough eggs moving along that there is always some action. In addition to the cash bonuses there are special eggs which turn into spreading wilds (again, when caught by a wild symbol chicken). There are also eggs which award free spins.

Eggomatic Summary

This is a novel way of creating bonuses, all of which keep you in the reels-game while they are awarded. Combined with the excellent animations and large number of regular wins, this game makes a very entertaining change from the run-of-the mill 5-reel video slot games. The one thing it lacks for me is a big jackpot or way to get a huge payout. The best current payout would be via the spreading wild, which could get you several big wins at the same time. Other than that the single biggest regular win comes via the red chicken. This is relatively small at 1000 times your coin size.

The mechanical chickens, unique system with the Eggomatic machine and amazing animations are sure to gain both awards and fans for this slot game. I loved the game though was wondering how long it would remain interesting once the novelty and new way of giving out bonuses has worn off a little. I suspect this will find a niche within the range of NetEnts slots as an entertaining diversion, rather than becoming one of their most popular titles. The addition of more progressive features or even a jackpot payout would certainly add to the stickiness.

For now I am tagging this as a must see. The Eggomatic slot is a great example of just how far innovation in slot gaming can go, while keeping the core features that we enjoy intact.

Chief Editor: Mike leverages his true passion for online gambling to create a uniquely informative site that takes players well beyond the standard fare in the industry.