Medusa Slots

There have been several slots created based on the legend of Medusa – the Greek myth in which a woman with hair made of snakes could turn people to stone. These are older and simpler video slots compared to the latest titles – though maintain their appeal. MicroGaming has a track record of redeveloping older themes and integrating these with the latest technology. Medusa might just be next in line.

This detailed review takes you through every aspect of MicroGaming’s Medusa slot games. You will also find a quick introduction to 2 MicroGaming Medusa-based slots, which are the Mark of Medusa and the Revenge of Medusa. First of all below you’ll find an introduction to how to play these games, which includes win-lines and bets. The free-spins features get covered after that. Next, my summary at the end explains where this fits with MicroGaming’s range of slot titles.

How to Play the Medusa Slots

Mark of Medusa

This is an early Video slot title, it has 25 winning lines – and allows you to select both the number of lines you wish to spin and the number of coins. The spins can go from 25c up to $125 on this game. The slot is bright and attractively designed, with the symbols all covering the Greek legends without being to over the top about it. You can win up to 10,000 times your coin bet, which is for 5 Medusa symbols. Many of the other wins are significantly smaller. This is a lower-variance slot which will keep your bankroll turning over nicely while you wait for that bigger win to come in. There is a scatter symbol in the form of the Pegasus, which will also trigger the bonus (free spins) rounds.

This is a very simple slot – with no in-reel features or gimmicks. It will appeal to the slots purists who prefer their slots entertainment to be easy – and not involve having to play complex feature rounds every few minutes.

Mount Olympus – The Revenge of Medusa

This is the more up to date version of the two Medusa-themed slots and includes extras like expanding wilds and a bonus round which involves choosing a snake. This game is a little more modern in term of graphics, with card symbols and some vivid mythological symbols. The stormy background graphic helps to create a great atmosphere. Again this is a 25 line game, with coins between 1c and $5, making the minimum 25c and maximum bet a huge $125. Mount Olympus scatters and wild symbols are included in this game. Getting 3, 4 or 5 scatters starts the bonus feature round (see below).

This game has animations which feel more up to date – though it maintains the simplicity of the older ‘Mark of Medusa’ slot. This game is definitely one for your short-list.

Feature Rounds on MicroGaming Medusa Slots

Neither of these games has particularly interactive feature rounds compared to the latest titles coming from the major slot manufacturers.

Mark of Medusa

This game includes a free-spins round. How many you get depends on the number of Pegasus symbols on the reels, 3 = 15 spins, 4 = 20 spins and 5 = 25 spins. There is no multiplier or extra wild symbol available during this bonus. One extra is that hitting more Pegasus symbols will get you more free spins – there does not appear to be a maximum listed for the number of spins.

Revenge of Medusa

The free spins game on this slot has an interactive element. You’ll start the game by choosing one of 5 snakes from the Medusa’s head. This will reveal the number of reels which turn wild for the duration of the round. The entire reel will become wild, which means that you can land some very big wins. There are only 5 spins, however with even 2 or 3 reels completely wild the number of wins will quickly add up. If you are lucky enough to get 4 reels or even all 5, then you can expect a jackpot sized prize.

Medusa Summary

While the Revenge of Medusa is the more up to date of the two games, neither of these slots will be winning any prizes for the latest technology. What you’ll find are solid and very enjoyable games that will appeal to those who like their slot gaming relaxing rather than intense and interactive.

This theme has been taken and improved upon my NextGen, who have recently released Medusa 2 into their portfolio.

I liked these games, and would recommend that fans of games like ThunderStruck check them both out as alternatives between playing the main game. The ‘Revenge’ title has the wild reels feature with free spins which can result in some extremely large payouts for those lucky enough to get 4 or even all 5 reels wild. Check out the Medusa Slots at MicroGaming for yourself soon.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.