Lord of The Rings Slots

The Lord of the Rings franchise was given a new lease of life with the recent movies. This has led to new versions of slot games based on this theme. The best of these is the impressive live casino Lord of the Rings slot from IGT (International Game Technology). This game pioneers the concept of progressive bonus features with the ability to register a name and save your progress. New bonus games are unlocked as your journey through Middle Earth continues.

This review is divided into three sections. First of all you’ll find an overview of the setup and game-play for the IGT Lord of the Rings slot. After that there are several bonus rounds to explain, including the new technology which enables them. At the end of the page, you will find a summary of the game and my final thoughts.

How To Play Lord of The Rings Slots

The game features all of the significant characters from the film such as Frodo Baggins, Gollum, Gandalf, Aragon, Legolas and more. During the game you are taken on a journey through Middle Earth. Along the way you will collect ‘miles’ to unlock the eight bonus rounds which eventually lead you to Mount Doom.

The game has 50 pay lines on 5 reels and your minimum bet is $0.50 per spin. There are plenty of smaller pay outs for different combinations of swords or characters, though the main wins from this slot will come via the bonus feature rounds.

When you land a wild symbol (with Legolas aiming his bow) you can create multiple winning combinations – this substitutes for other symbols on the reels except for the scatter symbol. If you instead land a wild with the Frodo symbol the highest winning combination is doubled.

The scatter symbol in this slot is represented by the Ring. If you land 3 scatter symbols on the reels a bonus round is unlocked. There are eight bonus rounds in total, and you’ll progress through them as you collect miles in the game.

Lord of the Rings Slot Bonus Features

The true innovation with the brick and mortar Lord of the Rings slot is that you can log-in to save your progress through the bonuses. This is entirely optional, though it will add a new dimension to the game-play as you’ll be able to unlock progressively better bonuses as you progress your journey through Middle Earth.

The bonus rounds are; Garden Heist, The Prancing Pony, The Balrog, Isildur’s Sword, Arwen’s Rescue, Galadriel’s Stairway, Gandalf’s Fireworks, and Uruk-hai Battle. Each of these rounds give you chance of collecting significant wins. There are pick-em type games, free spin rounds and some entertaining interactive games too.

IGT Lord of the Rings Slot – Summary

IGT have been innovating for decades, and the log-in capability is the latest idea to hit casino floors across the country. This is a great feature, and has natural synergies with the online slots world. This slot is yet transfer online, though you will find a different Lord of the Rings slot at MicroGaming casinos.

The Lord of the Rings video slot game really brings to life the adventure and excitement of the epic book and film and makes this slot not only an entertaining experience but also an enjoyable way to pass time and at the same time wins money. The game offers you the experience of the film as well as being part of the storyline.

This is a state-of-the-art slot game which allows you to save your progress throughout the game almost like an online network game. The slot offers you many opportunities at grabbing regular smaller wins to keep you bank roll topped-up until you trigger a bonus feature and larger payouts.

This slot is ideal for fans of more sophisticated slots with which has plenty of action features and visual effects but for those who are looking for a simpler slot experience Lord of the Rings video slot is wouldn’t be the best choice.

This slot has been produced for gamblers who like a challenge and who are prepared to play for a longer period of time. This is why the £0.40 per spin bet is excellent because you are still able to play without eating up your bankroll.

If you have read the book and seen the films and are a big fan of Lord of the Rings this slot is a must see. This is an enjoyable slot, and is bound to be a big hit with fans of the books or movies. Make sure you check it out for yourself soon.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.