Family Guy Slots

This popular new live casino slot game is based on the popular Family Guy TV show. Produced by slots giant IGT, this game is based on a 30 pay line video slot setup, and includes several different feature rounds based around the show’s characters. There are also original scenes and voice-overs taken from the show. The progressive jackpots, the largest of which can hit $100,000 adds the potential for a big windfall.

IGT’s Family Guy slot is reviewed in detail on this page. First of all the game setup and the basics of how to win, bet and play are covered. The next section introduces the six character bonus features, which are triggered randomly during play. Finally, an overview and my final thoughts can be found.

How To Play Family Guy Slots

All of the characters from the TV show appear on the reels of this game, using original animations. There are also plenty of TV clips to keep any Family Guy fans entertained. To say that this slot is popular would be an understatement – it already has millions of followers on social media, before it is even released online.

Family Guy has 5 reels with 30 pay lines with a minimum bet of 1c per line – meaning you can play from just 30c. Max bets are configurable by individual casinos, and range from $1 ($30) to $5 ($150). During play each character has a bonus feature to award anything from scatter pays to random wilds. In Chris’s closet bonus you can pick from doors to win multipliers and there are 5 other ways to win big with each of these character-themed bonuses. There are frequent smaller pay-outs from this game for matching up 3 or more symbols.

As you play video clips from the show will be triggered, these are very entertaining when you first start to play, though can be a little distracting once you have seen them a few times. The bigger pay-outs come from the 6 level progressive jackpot – which is triggered at random.

Family Guy Video Slot Game Bonus Features

In all there are six bonus features to look out for in the Family Guy slot. All you have to do to trigger one of the six games is to get three or more “World Domination” Symbols on any of the reels. The bonus rounds are character-themed and include: “Brian’s Big Dig Bonus”, “The Drunken Clam Bonus”, “The Chicken Fight Bonus”, “Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus”, “Chris’s Closet Bonus” or “Stevie’s World Domination Progressives.”

These are entertaining bonus rounds, which can result in some nice mid-sized windfalls. Examples include Peter’s bonus round. In this feature Peter fights with the giant chicken. You will fight three rounds with the Giant Chicken at the end of which you will collect additional credits and multipliers.

Another is the Lois bonus round. Peter is lying in bed and has to try and seduce Lois into bed to be awarded with free spins. This bonus round is triggered by getting the wild symbol of Peter naked on any of the reels.

Progressive Jackpots in the Family Guy Slot

There are a total of 6 progressive jackpots in this game. These are all of different sizes and each one is associated with a character from the show. The jackpots are triggered completely at random, with the characters appearing over the reels to announce that you have won.

Additional Information and Summary of Family Guy Slot

Family Guy slot is extremely user-friendly and the game is designed so that pay-outs come frequently. This means you get a lot of entertainment for your money as your bankroll is turned over, and still have the chance to scoop a bigger win with the progressive jackpots. I rate this slot as mid-variance. The frequent small wins need to be balanced with the coins being raked for the jackpot total when you spin.

Sometimes the outtakes from the TV show can distract you from the game, especially if you are not familiar with it. Though this games will naturally attract fans of the show, so this should not be a big issue overall. This slot has not yet made it online, though several other TV based slots are being licensed internationally – so we can expect to see Family Guy joining the IGT online roster fairly soon.

All in all this is an excellent slot, which keeps the humor of the show and creates and interesting and enjoyable slot around this. I am skeptical as to whether this will appeal to slots fans that are not also fans of the show. If you know the characters, then this slot is one for the shortlist next time to visit your local brick and mortar casinos. It is a great example of what IGT are capable of, and yet another reason to keep up to date with this excellent slots maker’s games.

Lead Writer: Toby is a very experienced online gambler who particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and guiding them toward more enjoyment in their own play.