The Dark Knight Slots

The latest Dark Knight slot from IGT has pushed forward the boundaries of slot gaming. This is a multiple-player slot which has a giant 103 inch shared screen covering the seats of up to 5 players. As well as the bonus and feature rounds, you’ll get a chance to choose sides – playing either as the Joker or Batman. With movie clips and stunning visuals, this new slot is already hugely popular at casinos around the country. There are online versions of the Dark Knight – however these are different games to the IGT live casino slot covered in this article.

You’ll find a detailed review of the IGT Dark Knight video slot on this page. The setup of this amazing game is covered in the first section below. After that you will find information on the bonus features associated with this game – including the shared feature bonus. My summary and final thoughts can be found at the end of the page.

How To Play The Dark Knight Slots

Multi-player slots are relatively new in brick and mortar casinos. These include elements of solo play (everyone sits with their own screen and chooses their own bet amounts) – and also shared bonus rounds which appear on a giant 103 inch screen above the seats. The atmosphere, music and amazing visuals of the Dark Knight – which is associated with the Batman movie of the same name – meant that this slot was an instant hit in live casinos.

The basic setup is 5 reels which are covered with various symbols related to characters and icons from the Dark Knight film. This is a 243-ways game, meaning there is no need to choose your win-lines. You can bet from 50c and up, with the max bet different between different casinos. The regular wins from matching 3 or more symbols keep your bankroll rolling over nicely, so you’ll get plenty of play for your money.

This slot machine gives you the choice between two main themes. You can either play the role of Batman (The Dark Knight) or you can choose to play the Joker. The basic symbols will change according to which hero or villain you decide you want to be but all of the payouts remain the same.

Dark Knight Slot Bonus Games

There are three main bonus games featured on the individual screens in the Dark Knight which can be triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 of the game. The main bonus is the race through Gotham City, which is activated on the big screen.

If you activate the ‘Sleight of Hand bonus’ you will be presented with a number of Joker’s cards and when you swipe your hand over the cards on the interactive screen you will reveal either credits, community coins or trigger more bonus games.

The ‘Sonar Vision Bonus’ can be triggered from other bonus games or from landing three bonus symbols on the reels. In this game you will need to match symbols to increase your credit, if you don’t make a match your multiplier will increase and keep doing so until you manage to match 2 symbols.

If you activate the ‘Agents of Chaos Bonus’ a number of masks appear on your screen and you pick from them to reveal credits, other bonuses or community coins.

The Battle for Gotham City

The most exciting bonus game in the Dark Knight slot is the ‘Battle for Gotham’ community bonus. When you collect coins from other bonus games you can use them to play the feature or to join another player, or you can decide to play later. The more community coins you collect, the more your multiplier increases in the community bonus round.

When you do decide to play you get to choose who you want to represent in a street race between Batman and the Joker. Batman is riding his customized motorcycle and the Joker is in his truck. The aim is to race along the streets of Gotham and pick up prizes along the way. There are checkpoints throughout race where you can pick up some huge payouts. This bonus feature has to potential to land you some big windfalls up to and including the jackpot.

IGT Dark Knight Slot Game Summary

If you like to play slot games at casinos which are action-packed and extremely interactive then Dark Knight can offer you that experience. It is rich in entertainment and gives you the opportunity to share the game’s excitement with other casino players. You can even choose to display your name in the ‘high score’ listing if you want to appear on it daily or monthly. IGT has once again moved the development of casino slot games forward with this game – I cannot wait to see it made available online.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.