Vegas Mayor Not Happy with Governor’s COVID Restrictions

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has come out against Governor Steve Sisolak’s new COVID-19 restrictions, calling him a dictator.

The state of Nevada is one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus. Not only has the state seen a large number of positive cases and deaths, but businesses have been affected to the point that people are still unemployed, and businesses may shut down. New orders were just issued in the state that greatly affect Las Vegas and the mayor of the gambling town, Carolyn Goodman, is not happy. She has spoken out against the new restrictions, calling the governor a dictator.

Not Happy

Goodman recently spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal when she made the comments against the governor. She spoke out not long after Sisolak revealed that gaming properties, bars and restaurants in the state must shut down occupancy levels from 50% to 25% for a three week time period.

Casino showrooms are also facing capacity restrictions, which cuts back on the possibility for events and conferences. The number of individuals allowed in these settings went from 250 to 50. In-person dining ais also a no-go at restaurants unless a patron has a reservation with the venue.

Las Vegas was affected more than most as the town relies on revenues from gaming, dining and bars to survive. Goodman said in the interview that the new restrictions were crushing and called Sisolak a dictator who the city has complied with every step of the way as they have no choice.

Goodman stated further that after the three-week time frame, she thinks the governor will issue tighter restrictions. The pandemic will not be able to subside, according to the mayor, until vaccinations are given to the public.

The mayor says the virus is still here, despite the measures Sisolak has put into place. She says he did not consult with the mayors of the state before he announced the new restrictions.

Sisolak has responded to the comments made by Goodman, saying that when elected leaders in Nevada speak, the words carry weight. He said that now is the time for leaders to be unified in protecting the public.

This is not the first time the two have disagreed. Goodman has continued to criticize the governor this year due to his decisions regarding the virus. She was critical of him when the closures began and seem to believe that everything should have continued as normal, including casino operations.

Major Cancellations

The changes made by the governor has already caused casinos and restaurants to lose business. The orders include no more than four people per table at a restaurant. Venues are now reporting that people who had reservations for five or more are not canceling.

Diners do not want to sit at two tables and be separated from their party. The changes were made before the Thanksgiving holiday and this is a time when the restaurants would have more diners. It leaves little time for changes to be made to accommodate the restrictions.

Business owners have also state that the cap of 50 or fewer people on events had led to holiday parties being canceled. Venues often host parties before the Christmas holiday and those who had plans to host an event are now backing out to make other plans.

Goodman pointed out in the interview that small business owners are worried about the capacity restrictions. Some may not be able to stay in business with the 25% restrictions. The governor is recommending that restaurants offer carryout, delivery or curbside to provide services to people. This is a good idea but not something that every business is prepared to do or has the capacity to do.

We shall see how long these new restrictions last and if the governor will bring back some normalcy or if the restrictions will remain in place.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.