UKGC Reveals eSports Popularity in Recent Report


The UK Gambling Commission is reporting that trends in British betting and gambling are increasing in the eSports sector.

In the United Kingdom, there are a wealth of gambling options offered to players. From sports betting to the lottery and online casino games, players do not have a shortage of opportunity when it comes to wagers. Just recently, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) reported the details from its latest consumer experiences and attitudes to Free Bets & Bonuses, revealing that an increase in wagers are being seen in the eSports sector. The growth rate has increased by over 8% from 2016 to 2019 partially due to a large section of young male bettors.

Young Males Enticed by eSports Betting

As new generations of gamers emerge, we are seeing a trend in what players want access to. Gone are the days when players were happy with a slot machine or table game. For the younger crowd, its all about immersive options. Players want more skill involved in betting instead of leaving it up to chance.

With eSports, players are wagering on the outcome of video game tournaments. It takes skill and knowhow for a player to do well in this genre, so bettors must consider a few factors before placing a bet such as how well the competitor is at the chosen game and who they are up against.

In the UKGC report, it showed that the 18-24 age bracket are the most receptive when it comes to eSports betting. Expand the demographic to 34 and the percentage drops down a bit. This is telling as it shows the younger crowd are more into the video game betting then the traditional formats.

The report also showed that the younger crowd enjoys in-play betting more so than other options. The majority of online bettors try this gambling method with three of ten surveyed showing that is their preference.

The study revealed that online gambling is the top choice among sectors in the UK and takes up around 40% of the overall market. Mobiles are the most common format used for gaming.

Incentives and Safer Gambling

Other aspects of the report include safer gambling and incentives. Online operators tend to offer a wide variety of incentives in the hopes that players will sign up for new accounts and stick around. From the survey, those taking part said they were not influenced by deals.

As many as 61% said the deals have no impact on gameplay and this is coming from a group where around two-thirds had received offers in the past year. Around 31% said they were influenced to bet when they received bonuses or free bets.

When it comes to safer gambling products, the younger gamblers were identified as the most likely to use self-exclusion tools or responsible gambling options. 18-24-year-old showed the most promise for self-exclusion followed by the 25-34 crowd.

Disappointingly, more than half of the individuals surveyed said that they did not know about self-exclusion tools. This is an aspect that is sure to worry the UKGC. Players are supposed to be aware of self-exclusion options and know how to set up a time period for exclusion, or at least know which direction to go to get started.

It would not be surprising to find this study result in regulators pushing operators to make changes in order for players to be more aware of what they need to do to self-exclude. It is important for players to learn more about the process to protect themselves from a possible gambling addiction.

The UKGC pointed out that operators need effective interaction with customers so potential harm can be recognized. The tool should also be promoted so players are aware of them and can access the options as needed.

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