Strat Owner Bringing New Golf Experience to Las Vegas

Strat Casino to create a new golf complex

In an effort to bring more visitors to its Strat Casino, Golden Entertainment plans to create a new golf entertainment complex on site.

To be competitive in any market, a business has to keep things fresh and exciting. Depending on what market you operate in, this could be new dining experiences, musical entertainment, or continually adding new products. In the gaming world, casinos today seem to be finding new ways to bring in visitors that do not rely on casino gaming. This week, Golden Entertainment, the owner of the Strat Casino, announced it is bringing a new golf experience to the property.

What’s to Come?

Teaming up with Flite Golf and Entertainment of Dallas, Golden Entertainment will be adding a new golf entertainment complex that will be four stories in size. It will offer 92,000 square feet of space and will be known as the Atomic Range.

The goal is to create a premier golf destination with a tech-enhanced experience via gameplay and entertainment options. The range will offer 100 hitting bays for golf enthusiasts along with a meeting space and four bars. There will also be an Astrocade on site, consisting of 12,000 square feet of space.

The new property will be constructed on seven acres of land that the Golden Entertainment company owns near the Strat. It will cost around $70 million to construct this new property and it should be up and running by 2013.

Golden Entertainment president and chief financial officer Charles Protell commented on the new venture by stating the property will allow the company to utilize the adjacent property to drive visitation to the casino. This venue will help to continue the redevelopment of the northern portion of the Strip and see further investment into Las Vegas.

Will It Work?

With such a high cost to construct the golf destination facility, it is worth it? Will it work to bring in visitors to the Strat? In reality, it is unknown. Golden Entertainment bought the Stratosphere property in 2017 and acquired the property for the golf facility as well.

Over the years, the Strat has seen its fare share of visitors. Most people come to check out the observation tower and use the property as a base while visiting other casinos and attractions on the Strip. The owner wants to see the golf addition help to drive traffic to the casino and see visitors stick around.

Back in 2018, a total of $140 million was used to rebrand the property to the Strat Hotel Casino and Skypod. Food and entertainment were added at the time. Now, the company is going one step further and adding the new Atomic Range in the hopes that it will drive traffic to the property, with travelers sticking around for drinks and food, as well as casino gaming.

It is important to note that golf is not a new marketing tool in Las Vegas. It is already a competitive market. There are dozens of golf courses in the area as well as golf resorts. The Strat will also have to contend with the Topgolf property operated by MGM Resorts, just down the road.

John Vollbrecht, the CEO and Founder of Flite Golf, says that he feels Atomic Range will stand out from other golf entertainment options due to its immersive technology. It will certainly be interesting to see if the investment will be a smart one. Hopefully, it brings people in to the venue but we might see a dud and the casino still struggle to maintain guests for extended periods of time.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.