Road Construction a Major Issue for Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas

Tourists are starting to complain in a major way about the ongoing road improvements in Las Vegas as it is negatively affecting trips to Sin City.

Traffic is never fun, especially when it is bumper to bumper and going nowhere. In Las Vegas, residents and tourists have been dealing with traffic issues for some time now. Sometimes, traffic comes to a standstill while in other instances, lanes are closed completely due to road work. Major roads like Sahara Avenue or Las Vegas Boulevard can be slow going and it is starting to affect the casinos in the city.

Major Issues

When visiting Las Vegas, many travelers choose to drive into the city or get a rental vehicle from the airport. Driving is not prudent right now due to the many traffic issues around the city. It can be difficult to get to a parking garage of a casino, which then puts the traveler in an irritable mood. Players have difficulty reaching casinos as well as their hotel, even traveling to stores or restaurants.

Traffic is often going in just one direction, which can make it hard to reach certain destinations. The Sahara Las Vegas was blocked for quite some time at its entrance, which created issues for travelers. Some people have to travel almost double the normal time to reach a destination.

While players and residents are starting to show their frustration, this is only the beginning. The project first started back in 2019 and will not be done until mid-2024. There are still many more years to go and the project is set up in phases to be completed.

There are sure to be even more complications in the future as the project includes Las Vegas Boulevard. The road may see from 30,000 to 60,000 cars a day during peak travel times. How in the world the city feels they will be able to direct this much traffic with ongoing road work is anyone’s guess.

Dan Kulin, a spokesman for Clark County, pointed out that construction crews are trying to lower the impact the process has on drivers. Kulin said that construction takes place at off-peak times when possible. When traffic is expected to be busier, due to certain events, construction does not take place.

What’s to Come?

There are several projects still to be considered in Las Vegas. The city is working on replacing water lines, as well as improving storm drains. There is pavement to lay and more landscaping to add as well as updating traffic lights, crossings for pedestrians, and streetlights.

And the price tag is huge. Just one project that has been ongoing on Las Vegas Boulevard will cost the city $33 million. Back in the summer, work began on the Boulevard and other areas. It has been recommended that drivers be sure to slow down in these zones and follow the signs and signals.

Alternate routes are suggested but for out of towners, this is not really an option. More people are traveling to the area now that the casinos are operating at 100% capacity and this has caused an influx of traffic, which is only delaying travel times.

It might be a good idea for visitors to choose a casino with a hotel that they will be spending the majority of their time or one that is within walking distance of other attractions. This will cut down on the time spent in the car traveling through the hectic roadways.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.