Paysafe Payment Platform Moves into Michigan via GNOG

Paysafe to provide its services in Michigan via Golden Nugget Online Gaming

Golden Nugget Online Gaming has integrated the payments platform of Paysafe to its online services in Michigan.

Having the right payment methods is always a positive when it comes to online casino gaming. Most operators offer cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, to make it easy for players to deposit funds. However, there are other options available in the US as payment providers look to enhance the gamer’s experience in the United States. For Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG), the brand has decided to integrate the payment platform and gateway of Paysafe to its service offering in Michigan.

With the addition, players in the state will be able to make deposits by using credit or debit cards. Electronic transfers are used to add money to the online casino account, then winnings can be added to the player’s bank account registered in the service.

A Partnership Extension

Paysafe is a relatively new payments platform that offers specialized service. Working with Golden Nugget Online Gaming, the two have an expanded partnership where the online gaming market in Michigan now provides access to the banking solution.

GNOG now offers players in the state the ability to make deposits with debit and credit cards. The card information is used via Paysafe to add funds to the gaming account. Once added, players then have real money to enjoy live dealer, slot games, and more.

Golden Nugget has been operational in the state since January 2021, now offering players even more options for banking. The new platform is connected to the Global Payments Gaming Solutions ACH service, which allows players to fund wagers electronically. With the Global Payments Gaming Solutions, more funding options are enabled for players.

Vice President of Business Development, iGaming at Paysafe, Gregory Kirstein, commented on the partnership by stating the company is delighted to have moved into Michigan with GNOG and are pleased that the gaming company recognizes the value of supporting customer acquisition, retention, and overall growth in states where they are operating.

Paysafe and GNOG have been working together for many years in the state of New Jersey. The online gaming provider went live in the state back in 2013 and Paysafe has provided premium banking solutions for the company ever since.

Once GNOG started its Golden Nugget Sportsbook in February 2019, the partnership extended yet again, this time into the realm of sports betting. The two companies are not done in 2021 either. Additional launches are expected later this year including in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

As the online gambling market continues to grow and GNOG enters new states, there is no doubt that this partnership will continue to expand. It will certainly be exciting to see where the two go next!

Essential Service

Having the ability to deposit with a credit or debit card is an essential service that players want access to. Years ago, when online gaming first started in states like New Jersey, payment issues arose quickly. Many banks were unsure about completing transactions and would not allow payments to be made via debit or credit cards.

It took many months for online casino sites to be able to work out the kinks in order to offer payment solutions that work consistently for players. At the time, some players would have no issue using a Visa or MasterCard to deposit, while others might never see a payment clear.

With services like Paysafe, players can easily connect a card and clear a payment to an online casino. The process to simple and provides essential services you need to play your favorite online casino games.

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