More Violent Acts Occur in the US at Casino Venues

Violence at US casinos

Violence seems to be prevalent in the United States as of late with casinos in Mississippi and Connecticut Affected.

Violence seems to be an unfortunate occurrence in the United States lately, particularly in casino venues. Almost every week, a casino venue is subject to an odd violent event that seems to have no rhyme or reason to it. Just this past week, incidents took place in Mississippi and Connecticut that had casino goers scared for their lives or the lives of others.

Treasure Bay Casino Gunfire Incident

Let’s start in Mississippi. The Treasure Bay Casino was recently subject to an incident involving gunfire. Patrons who were visiting the casino this past Friday had to take cover after a single shot was fired on the gaming floor. Players hid under tables, fearful of what was going on and what might happen in the future.

After the gun shot rang out, players and employees of the casino scattered. Once the incident was investigated, it was found that the gunshot was accidental. Apparently, a patron was carrying a gun and it went off. The individual suffered from a leg wound, though it was superficial.

While the incident was an accident, the individual who was carrying the weapon was charged. It is illegal to have a weapon in the facility. The person was charged with discharging a firearm in the city limits. Many of the patrons who were at the casino at the time took out their cellphones and videoed what was going on, which gave insight into the incident.

Mohegan Sun Casino Robbery and Assault

Unfortunately, in our next incident, there was a victim. A man who remains anonymous was kidnapped from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, beat up and robbed. The man was taken from the casino and driven about 15 miles away. He ended up in Jewett City and was robbed and assaulted.

Police have surveillance footage from the casino that shows the men involved but they are wearing masks, so it makes it difficult to identify them. The suspects appear to still be on the loose as police have yet to identify anyone for the crime.

State troopers involved in the case have not provided any details on what was stolen from the victim as well as the detail of his injuries. Police are requesting that anyone who has information about the crime to come forward.

Are Casinos Becoming Hot Spots for Violence?

For anyone who follows the news, it seems that casinos are becoming hot spots for violence. These two incidents are just a small example as to what players have been subject to. Las Vegas been particularly wrought with crime over the past few months, as suspected gang activity has popped up along with violent travelers.

Will the recent events across the country keep patrons from visiting casinos? Will casino venues beef up security measures so that players will feel safer when visiting? It is unclear as to what will occur, but most casinos already have quality measures and protocols in place to ensure that players and employees are protected.

For now, it seems that players are still willing to visit the casinos. With the COVID-19 vaccination process heavily underway, people in the US are more willing to travel on vacations or weekend getaways. If the process continues successfully, then we should see the travel numbers continue to increase in areas such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Though, players may choose to be more cautious as to where they visit. Casinos that have been hit with violent acts as of late will most likely not be a first choice among patrons. Only time will tell how the incidents affect the overall operations of gaming providers in the US, but hopefully it will not be an overall negative for the industry.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.