Manila Casinos Continue COVID Measures Through Next Week

Manila Casinos

Casinos in Manila are still under strict quarantine measures, with restrictions continuing through next week due to COVID-19.

Casinos in Manila are still under strict quarantine orders due to COVID cases in the area. The Philippines’ Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine will continue for one more week and then be reevaluated. The country is home to four integrated resorts and it was supposed to go down to General Community Quarantine but more time is apparently needed to implement a system for alerts to notify residents if new cases of the virus were to arise.

Still At a Higher Level

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte reported the continuation of the restrictions via a spokesperson named Harry Roque. The spokesperson stated that Metro Manila is currently classified as the Modified Enhanced level, and it shall remain that way through September 15. The only way the classification will change is if the Alert Level System is implemented first.

Back in April, the Solaire Casino, Resorts World, City of Dreams, and Okada closed due to COVID-19 issues. The venues would open back up in May only to be shut down again. The threat of COVID remains a problem so the casinos cannot safely offer services in a social setting at this time.

For some of the casino resorts, certain hotels are being used as quarantine facilities. These properties are housing individuals who need to quarantine, providing a safe space from the population. The casinos are not expected to get back to business any time soon, unless the threat of the virus decreases substantially.

More Time for Alert Implementation

Officials in the Philippines do not want to change the currently status of Manila until health agencies have enough time to put an alert system in place to help residents know of a positive case alert. Once the city goes to the General Community Quarantine classification, then several activities will be allowed to take place again.

In this level, casinos and hotels are allowed to reopen but must offer services with measures in place for guest and employee safety. Indoor dining is allowed to resume at 30% capacity. Businesses like grocery stores will be allowed to reopen at full capacity.

With the General Community Quarantine status, there are four levels. There is Alert Level 1, which is a normal level where people are to stay home if they don’t feel well, and everyone should maintain social distancing. The levels go up to four, which is where everyone is to remain indoors except health care employees as they go to and from work.

When a new positive COVID test is confirmed, the new alert system will tell the public in the region where the test took place. Advice will then be given as to what level of General Community Quarantine the region is in.

The casinos in Manila are ready for the closures to be over and done with. The extended shutdown has not only hurt the venues but also the government. The revenues play a vital role in the community and without any money coming in, there is nothing to support the government needs.

President Duterte is trying to find ways to develop additional funding, including going back on his previous opposition to increased gambling in the Philippines. The president decided to allow Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGOs) to continue offering online gambling to people located outside the country.

The four casinos in the Manila area have been allowed to provide online baccarat gaming and slots to VIP players to bring in more revenues. Overall, changes are being made to bring in revenues so that the country can continue to see funding despite the casino closures.

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