Liverpool City Region Casinos To Close Under New COVID-19 Measures

Liverpool, UK

The Liverpool City Region is the first area affected by a new three-tier COVID-19 plan instituted in the UK with casinos and betting shops shutting back down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe, affecting nearly every country in the world. In some areas, the virus has been contained and citizens have been able to go about their business as normal. In other areas, businesses had to shut down earlier in the year and are only just now back in operation. Most everyone is wearing masks and trying to avoid catching the deadly virus as well as spreading it unknowingly. However, it seems efforts are not enough in some areas and venues like casinos and betting shops are being forced to shut down again.

In the UK, the government has instituted a new three-tier system that will see new COVID-19 measures put in place. The Liverpool City Region is the first affected by the change, with casinos, betting shops and gaming centers shutting down starting on October 14. The closure is indefinite.

New Lockdown Measures

This area is the first to be subjected to the new measures of lockdown as part of the tiered approach. In this new plan, the bars and pubs of the region must close for the time being, until COVID-19 cases subside. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has provided information on the new three-tier system via the House of Commons after a spike was seen in positive virus cases. An increase has been seen in almost all areas of the UK.

For Liverpool City, the region was one where the transmission rate was increasing at a rapid pace. Along with casinos and betting shops closing, leisure centers and gyms were also shutdown. More severe action is also being taken in this area with no household mixing allowed indoors or outdoors. Only shops, schools and universities will remain open.

With the three-tier system, there is the medium tier, which is tier one, the high tier two and very high, which is tier three. In the three-tier alert right now is Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, Knowsley, Halton and Wirral.

Betting and Gaming Council Says Consequences will be Dire

When it comes to the casinos and betting shops shutting down, the Betting and Gaming Council have stated the consequences will be dire. BGC chief executive Michael Dugher said that it is bad news for the staff members as well as for the industry as a whole as they have already been affected via the previous closure.

Merseyside was also announced as an area where casinos and betting shops will start to close this week. Dugher said that in this area, 2,300 people are employed in the industry. The decision to close will have a huge impact on these employees as well as if the businesses will be able to survive.

According to Dugher, the member venues are following strict COVID-19 guidelines and have earned approval by the Public Health England for how they are operating at this time. There is no evidence that the casinos or betting shops have been subject to an outbreak or are connected to a rise in cases.

The chief executive said further that the betting shops were able to safely reopen back and June and were considered non-essential retail. They are not a hospitality business and yet they are unfairly singled out from other parts of what is considered non-essential retail.

The closure of the shops affects the business and employees but also the taxes paid and money used to support the racing industry. Areas will be shorted payments and this will also have a negative affect in those regions where the casinos and betting shops are shut down.

It is expected that this order will continue to increase across the UK as regions start to see an increase in coronavirus cases.

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