Iran to Consider the Death Penalty for iGambling Operations


Drastic measures may be taken regarding online gambling operations in Iran as a new bill has been introduced to penalize operators with the death penalty.

Gambling laws vary around the world. You go to one country, and gambling is freely offered in a variety of ways. You go to another, and the operations are stricter. Lawmakers in each country have the ability to make changes to gambling legislation, be it positive or negative. In Iran, major changes could take place that would lead to death for those who choose to operate an online gambling site.

Death Penalty Measure

A local website called Iran Human Rights Monitor is reporting that new legislation has been drafted within legislature that would sentence those found guilty of operating a gambling website with the death penalty. The decision comes just after a large bust by police in the country involving online gambling charges.

Iranian Parliament Judiciary and Legal Commission vice chairman Hassan Norouzi commented on the issue by stating that if online gambling services are being provided and utilized by residents, those taking part will be arrested if the behavior is repeated. Norouzi said further that insistence in committing the felony and not being remorseful will be looked at by judges as corruption which is something punishable by death.

While this decision might be shocking to most people, it is not anything new to those inside the country. Iran often uses capital punishment as a way to penalize people who brock the law. The death penalty punishment has dropped considerably in the country over the past few years, but it is still being used for several crimes that people complete.

Why Iranians Are Gambling?

So why are Iranians gambling? If the option is subject to strict penalties, why would players continue to gamble? For those who have been caught gambling, the answer is simple; they need money. The poor economy of the country has led to people being unable to feed their families. With gambling as an option, residents can play games and try to earn money that can be used to feed their families.

Because of the gambling problem in Iran, the country created a task force to deal with the issues. The task force was created in a special cyberspace center of criminal court. The goal of the task force is to shut down gambling sites. In 2019, it was reported that the task force blocked a total of 120 sites within just a 10 day time frame.

Officials have said that once they locate a site, they can shut it down in 10 minutes. With the recent crackdown, the task force is said to have uncovered a site that had 75,000 users. The user IDs were taken, and prosecutors will be investigating them.

In Iran, all forms of gambling are banned except one. In the country, religious beliefs state that any type of gambling is the work of Satan. Anyone who takes part in such activity is considered to be sinning. While the country is largely against gambling of any kind, it does allow horse racing to take place. Supposedly, the option is allowed because it provides a way for the sport to be paid by gamblers that take part.

The new legislation would significantly change the online gambling landscape in Iran. If the legislation were to pass law, organizers of such sites will surely stop offering services. The threat of jail time certainly seems low on the totem pole when compared to a death sentence. We shall see in the coming weeks if the legislation is accepted by lawmakers and how they choose to move forward with such changes to the online gambling restrictions.

Only time will tell if the death penalty will be a punishment for online gambling and if those offering services will stop for fear of being killed by the government.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.