Harrah’s Las Vegas Adds New Digital Craps Table in COVID-era

Roll to Win Craps Game

Harrah’s Las Vegas has added a new digital craps table to its gaming floor, minimizing touch points amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, we have all learned to live a little differently. The virus can easily be transmitted, and many people can be carriers without even knowing it. Because of the spread component, many businesses, like casinos, are focused on social distancing, mask wearing, and limiting touch points. In Las Vegas, the Harrah’s Casino on the Strip recently launched a new digital craps table, offering players premium craps gaming with minimized touching.

Roll to Win Craps

The new Roll to Win Craps game is a hybrid, combining electronic components with the real craps game. Players toss the dice on an electronic table. The table then offers digital information about the game taking place. Each player is separated by plexiglass and they control betting via an individual screen.

The unique concept is available only at Harrah’s Las Vegas, and has already proven to be a big hit among gamblers. The table was created by Aruze Gaming America Inc. and is the first type of hybrid to launch in Nevada.

According to Rob Ziems, the President of Aruze, the table design was being constructed before the pandemic. However, as the pandemic became an issue, the game provided benefits, such as the minimized touch points. It is only the dice that is handled by players and the dealers.

The digital version also offers tips for players, which is a big hit among those who are not as familiar with craps. Many players want to try craps but don’t because they are unsure of how to play. With the digital version, there are steps that can guide you on how to play. Every player can enjoy the game at their own pace, which also takes out the intimidation factor.

Changes After COVID-19

The new digital craps table is just one example as to how Nevada has changed, particularly Las Vegas, since COVID-19 arrived. Casinos have made major changes to protect not only the players but also employees from the virus.

Early on, casinos had to shut down and were then reopened at a lower capacity. Players have been less likely to travel recently due to the virus and casinos have had to come up with new ways to attract players.

Park MGM decided to go smoke-free last year in an attempt to bring in more players. At the Cromwell and the Circa Resort, the facilities only allowed players 21 years of age or older to visit the hotel or the main gaming floor.

Tourism is on a steep decline in Las Vegas and there is no sign that there will be a turnaround. Analysts feel that the vaccination process for the coronavirus will help, but the output of vaccinations have been slower than expected in the US.

Analysts also feel that 2021 will be a time when the city will see a turnaround in travel, however, only time will tell. Las Vegas is a tourist city. They rely heavily on people coming from out of state via airplane to visit, from regular tourists to business travelers. However, business travelers are not coming in like they normally would be due to the lack of conferences and meetings.

Casinos are hoping that as restrictions ease involving COVID-19 that they will be able to host events. Right now, the number of people allowed to gather in one spot is lower than what would be expected in big events.

Right now, some venues are only open on the weekends to try and stay afloat during this uncertain time. Hopefully over the next few months, we will see a change in the number of positive COVID-19 cases and tourist cities like Las Vegas can get back to normal.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.