GambleAware Wants More Flexibility for Player Deposits

GambleAware UK

After a new study was published by Behavioural Insights Team, GambleAware is now seeking more flexibility for gambling deposit limits in the UK.

Over the past few months, the UK Gambling Commission has worked hard to ensure player protections within the gambling industry. Changes have been made to certain laws and regulations with more changes under consideration to create a safer environment. There are several organizations and groups in the UK that focus on player risk and assistance when it comes to addiction and other behavioral issues. One such group is GambleAware. This week, the organization has reported that a recent study shows that deposit limits need to be more flexible for players, helping to impact playing habits.

New Study Details

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has completed a study involving customers from Bet365. The study recruited 1,700 players of the brand and analyzed their behavior. BIT took a look at the sign-up process and if certain tweaks would change playing habits and reduce the risk for the player.

During the trial, the current layout of deposit limits was reviewed. BIT looked at how the layout affected the gambling behavior of players. The research team of the group reviewed if psychological effects known as anchoring played a part in the wagering habits of players when deposit limits were created.

The participants of the study were observed with three deposit limit variants. The first was the same format, with the current limit tools. The second was a dropdown menu where low-value deposits were suggested. There was a higher limit of just 250 and a text box where players could input their own value.

The third option provided to Bet365 members during the study was a blank textbox. This allows players to type in any amount they wished to load into their account.

The findings were compared to a control group by BIT. The research revealed that with high deposit limit options removed, the average daily deposit limit set by players was almost cut by 50%. Players made lower deposits with the empty text box option and with the lower deposit amount suggestions.

BIT is now recommending that operators provide deposit tools with blank areas with no pre-set values. This will allow players to have flexibility when depositing and choose their own limits. The analysis shows that the harm-reduction efficacy of deposit limit tools could be improved with this change, while at the same time, not constraining the consumer choice for depositing.

GambleAware Steps In

After the findings were revealed to the public, GambleAware stepped in and spoke with the UK Gambling Commission. At the same time, BIT has said that more research is needed regarding the connection of anchoring elements when it comes to gambling.

GambleAware has asked the Commission to allow blank textbox options for deposit limits. The group would like the option to be placed as a preferred option within the License Conditions and Codes of Practice.

Gambling Commission Executive Director of Research and Policy, Tim Miller, commented on the request and study by stating that the findings uses experiences from real players to see what works to reduce gambling harm. It provides practical options for operators to strengthen their tools to protect consumers. These issues are ones that the Commission has been considering via the remote customer interaction consultation that will be completed next month.

It will be interesting to see if the Commission allows the blank textbox where players can post their own deposit limits. Will it give players too much freedom? Will there be some type of cap put in place if the textbox is added? We shall see in the coming weeks what changes, if any, are added to the gambling industry in the UK as the Commission considers this request and reviews its own research.

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