Boyd Gaming Launches Cashless Gaming Solution in Indiana

Boyd Gaming

Boyd Gaming has partnered with Aristocrat Technologies to create a cashless gaming solution with the product first launching at the Blue Chip Casino in Indiana.

For the past few years, ideas have been swirling around in the gaming community as to how a cashless gaming solution could be offered at casinos. As players lean more towards mobile usage and debit/credit cards, casinos have been having difficulty keeping up, especially since they have relied on cash for decades. Thrown in the coronavirus pandemic this year, and ideas for cashless options were sped up as players do not want to handle cash for fear of catching the virus.

Boyd Gaming announced this week that they have taken the first step to offer a cashless option, with a partnership involving Aristocrat Technologies. They are starting a pilot project involving a cashless gaming solution in Indiana, at the Blue Chip Casino. If all goes well, the product will then expand to other Boyd properties.

Resort Wallet

The new project is called Resort Wallet. It will provide players with a cashless way to pay. If the pilot works well and regulatory approvals are provided in the necessary states, then eventually, the product could be offered at 28 casinos in 10 states across the US.

Visitors to the Blue Chip can try the product by going to the cashier cage at the casino and making a deposit. The amount will be placed on the B Connected loyalty card. Right now, players will only be able to use this reward card to play slot games. Eventually, the product will be suitable for buying chips that can be used at table games as well as pay for dining and shopping needs.

Keith Smith, the President and CEO of Boyd Gaming, announced on Monday that the program launched in Indiana with a soft opening that was unannounced. Even though there was no promotion, already several hundred players have started using the product.

For the business, the program will cut cost as the company will not have to have much cash on hand. For the players, the option is more convenient and provides added security as players visit the casino. Most patrons would rather use a card than carry around a large sum of cash on their person.

Modernizing the Industry

For the casino industry, analysts and officials feel that going cashless with transactions is a way to modernize the industry. The push has been particularly hard this year as the virus has led to less cash usage. Players who fear catching the virus due to handling chips or cash will be more open to cashless solutions.

Cashless technology is continually used throughout daily life, especially for younger consumers. The early 20 to 30 somethings use cashless technology, such as mobile phone payments, venmo and other services to pay for food, shopping, etc. For the casino industry to modernize and appeal to the younger demographic, they need to find ways to implement cashless technology.

Other casinos across the country have started to integrate such technology including the D Las Vegas, The Stratosphere and The Palms. These casinos use a product called ACS PlayOn. Casino operators are partnering with tech companies to create new products that can be used to provide cashless gaming solutions.

For Boyd, they see the cashless product as a way to grow their business further. In the future, the company plans to connect a wallet to a mobile application for B Connected, so players have a true digital experience. The company has plans to create its own brand of online casino in the future as well, with a mobile product companion for their sports betting app powered by FanDuel.

Boyd seems to have embraced the technological age and are looking to create new and exciting gaming opportunities for players in both the online realm as well as via cashless solutions.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.