Secret Santa Slots

Christmas themed slots are nothing new. With Secret Santa, MicroGaming has managed to take this theme to a new level. This is not only a 1024-way game, it includes no less than 7 randomly triggered bonus features. There are plenty of ways to pick up smaller wins while you are waiting for a feature to start. If you really cannot wait for Christmas to play this slot, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it is available all year around.

You’ll find all the important aspects of the Secret Santa slot covered in this review. First below the basics and setup are the focus – this explains the 1024 win-lines, and the main winning combinations. After that the 7 bonus features you will find in this game are explained. Finally I have given a quick synopsis and explained how this slot matches up to the 100’s of alternatives available online.

How to Play Secret Santa

The first thing you will notice about Secret Santa (apart from the Christmas theme) is that there are no ‘win-lines’ specified. Instead any combination of winning symbols starting from the left hand column count as a win. There are 5 reels and 4 rows, which means that there are 1024 possible winning combinations going from left to right. This is easy to get used to, and means you will not be trying to work out whether or not the symbols are on a winning line when they fall in a dispersed way.

Without lines to think about, you simply choose your bet amount, which can be between 50c and $25. Some casinos also run these games in Pounds. The biggest win is 115,000 coins. This will be triggered via a feature, though there are plenty of smaller wins which will keep your bankroll topped up along the way.

The symbols start with the suits of cards, and include many Christmas themed graphics, including a cracker, Santa, fireplace with stocking and so on. Most of the wins are on the smaller side, though with all the possible winning combinations, you will find yourself winning reasonably often. The Secret Santa logo is a wild, which counts for any symbol other than the scatter cracker.

Bonuses and Features on the Secret Santa Slot

There are 7 bonuses which are randomly triggered, which is really the big appeal of playing this game. First a different bonus, which adds some more cash just as you have won some anyway – by hitting 5 of a kind. When this happens the 5 winning symbols disappear, and are replaced with other symbols. This often produces new combinations of wins, which are added to the win amount. Note that scatter and wild symbols are not included in this.

The remaining features are randomly triggered, some of them can give you a lot of wins. Here is a quick overview of each one:

Wild Reels: This turns up to 3 entire reels wild for a spin from top to bottom. Combined with the 1024-way wins this can give you a lot of winning combinations.

Wild Boost: A random extra symbol will turn into a wild for as long as this feature lasts.

5 Free Spins: Self-explanatory, and a 3x multiplier on top.

Mystery Multiplier: All of your wins will get a 5x to 10x multiplier while this feature is going on.

Dashing Wilds: This one involves 4 extra wild symbols which land randomly, replacing other symbols on the screen.

Scatter Spree: This can be a profitable round, all symbols pay ‘scattered’ which means they do not need to be adjacent on the rails in order to pay.

Rolling Reels: Each time you win, the multiplier goes up – the winning symbols disappear and are replaced with new symbols. Like the familiar cascading wins from MicroGaming, only with the potential to get up to a 12x multiplier.

The maximum win is highlighted at $115,000.

Secret Santa Summary

This is certainly an entertaining slot. I am sure that it will be a big hit in the run-up to Christmas each year, and quite possibly have some dedicated fans throughout the year too! When I first played this slot it did feel like a novelty game which would not be too interesting after a few spins. The random bonuses proved me wrong on this front. They were relatively frequent, and did add some reasonable wins which kept my bankroll nicely topped up. The Rolling Reels and Wild Reels features were my personal favorites.

I do not think that Secret Santa is going to knock ThunderStruck 2 or Mega Moolah off of the top positions in terms of popularity any time soon. Having said that, this is more than just a novelty game, and could hold its own even outside of the Holiday season. Check out the Secret Santa Slot for yourself soon.

Associate Writer: Suzie has extensive experience writing on a number of different topics, but writing on slots remains her first love, and it really shows.