Big Bad Wolf Slots

Big Bad Wolf manages to break the mold with a creative game based on the children’s story of the 3 little pigs. This slot was created by QuickFire, and is available via the popular MicroGaming software suite. The graphics are amazing in this game and the ‘Swooping Reels’ feature comes into play with every win. There are also two bonus features, one based on the pigs and the other featuring the big bad wolf himself.

This review of the Big Bad Wolf slot is one of the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere online. First up, the nuts and bolts of the game are covered, for example bets and where the main wins come from. The features on this slot are excellent, and those are covered in the next section. After that I have given my thoughts on where this top-quality slot fits in with the many other MicroGaming slot titles available.

How to play the Big Bad Wolf Slot

Though the way the reels move and act is different compared with other slots, this game is essentially based on the 25 line 5-reel video slot setup. You can control the number of win-lines you play, and choose your coin amount to suit. Coins start at 1c (or 1p if you are playing in pounds) and go all the way to $5 per spin, which means the spin cost varies between 25c and $125. As with all multi-line slots which contain Wild and Scatter symbols, a good strategy is to keep the lines at the maximum 25, and to reduce your coin amount until you have a total bet you are comfortable with.

Instead of spinning reels, this slot features boxes which make up the wall of the house of one of the 3 little pigs. When you spin, the old boxes literally fall out of the bottom of the screen, with new ones appearing to fall from the top of the slot into their place.

Symbols include the 3 pigs, the bad wolf, a beehive (which is a wild symbol) and card symbols, which give you the smaller wins. There are extra symbols and extra wilds which can appear in the bonus feature rounds. The pigs themselves are medium-wins. Free spin scatter symbols can trigger the big bad Wolf bonus round feature.

Bonus Round Features on the Big Bad Wolf Slot

There are two main bonus rounds, one of which works every time you win – and can trigger a literal cascade of wins.

Swooping reels really bring the game-play to life with this slot. What happens is that after you win, the winning symbols get blown away (aka ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’). Symbols then fall down and new ones appear at the top of the screen to fill the gaps. If these create more wins, then the process starts over – only with a twist. Every 2nd win makes one of the regular little pigs into a wild symbol. You might have had some pigs on the reels not making any winning combinations, and all of a sudden they become wild. This makes a bigger cascade-effect, and the extra wins turn the other pigs wild. This can easy end up with a lot of wins all within a single spin.

The other feature involves the Big Bad Wolf, and is a lot of fun. It is triggered when you hit 3 free spins scatter symbols in regular play. You’ll get a round of 10 free spins, which can be retriggered during play (by hitting 3 more scatter free-spin symbols). If you collect enough moon symbols during this round, you’ll be able to help the wolf to blow down the houses of the pigs to win extra prizes. Collect 3 moons to blow down the wooden house (+ 2 more spins) and then 6 to blow down the brick house, which doubles your wins in addition to giving you 2 additional spins. This is a very entertaining bonus round and it is worth trying out this game just to see it.

Big Bad Wolf Summary

I’m a big fan of the Big Bad Wolf slot, this is the first game which has managed to take the old video slot idea and truly innovate around it for a while. This is more of an entertaining game than one which will make you very rich – there is no jackpot and the bigger wins are modest compares to other games. What it does well is keep your bankroll turning over. The accumulation of smaller to mid-sized wins (especially from the Swooping Reels system) will give you a boost often enough to keep you in play. After that it is down to chance whether a big win comes your way during a session. This slot is good enough for anyone’s ‘must-see’ list – check it out for yourself soon.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.