Avalon Slots

MicroGaming recently upgraded their Avalon slot – taking this game from a simple video slot right up to date with 243-way technology and a lot of bonus rounds. This game is based on the legends of King Arthur, and has been a popular game for many years. There is no progressive jackpot associated with this game. You’ll still find plenty of ways to win big money.

You’ll find a complete overview of the upgraded Avalon 2 covered in detail in this review, plus some information on the original version at the end. First up, how to play is explained – covering all the basics and winning opportunities. After that you’ll find an overview of the bonus and special features, there are a lot of bonus rounds to enjoy in this game.

How to Play the Avalon Slot

MicroGaming has removed the choice of pay lines for this game and instead used the latest 243-way system. This means any consecutive symbols across the reels starting on the left will trigger a win. While this can sound complex, once you get used to it you will find that it does make seeing the wins come in very easy.

You will still choose the number of coins to play. This can be from 1 to 30 for each spin. 1c is the smallest, representing a 30c spin – with 25c the highest ($7.50c spin). You can find this game in Pounds and Euros at some casinos.

Symbols are all based on the Arthurian legends, and include the Lady of the Lake, Merlin, Arthur and the Black Knight. The biggest regular win is 10,000 times your coin bet, which is for 5 of the Avalon 2 logos. These symbols are wild, and will substitute for any symbol except the scatter symbol.

The scatter is the Golden Grail (Holy Grail). Getting 3 or more of these triggers the bonus rounds, which are progressive, in addition to your win.

Bonus and Feature Rounds on the Avalon 2 Slot

This game includes bonus rounds which you’ll progress through as you play. There are 8 of these in total. First of all, there is an expanding wild, which is based on the lady of the lake. She can expand from the middle row of the middle reel to cover all 3 rows. Combined with the 243-way technology, this can result in some nice wins. In an additional (random) in-play feature, Merlin can appear and offer multipliers for your wins or cash prizes.

Triggering the bonus round gets you on quest for the Grail, which involves a lot of different bonus features. These start with Excalibur (your sword) and continue on a quest though to battling the Black Knight and all the way to the Isle of Avalon.

Some of the rounds are games of chance. For example you’ll be rolling dice in the first feature round (Lake of Legend), where try to re-forge Excalibur. Others are based on free-spins, with added extras to increase your payouts. The second bonus round is called ‘Misty Vale’ which lets you choose an additional wild symbol.

I like the ‘Choose Your Path’ bonus round, as this one lets you select from 3 possible bonuses. Two of these are ‘pick-em’ rounds, one with shields and one with helmets. The Forest Falls round is my favorite of these. This involves 20 free spins, and the wild symbols fall down the reels (leaving a trail of wilds) to increase your wins.

The last 3 bonus rounds get progressively more rewarding. Morgan’s Keep includes 20 frees spins with a ‘cascade’ feature, where the wins disappear letting the reels drop. Hall of shadows gives you more prizes each time to strike (or block) the Black Knight. The Isle of Avalon involves several spinning wheels and some great payouts.

It would be an understatement to say this slot was feature-packed. The progression through the games is interspersed with a lot of smaller regular wins and the occasional visit from Merlin – which will keep your bankroll well topped up.

The Original Avalon Slot

A game of this name has existed for many years. While this is an entertaining game, it does now look dated (it is more than a decade old), and lacks the interactive feature rounds of the modern version. I am noting it here as many players still enjoy the simple and relaxing slot games, rather than the more intense / entertaining ones.

Avalon Slot Summary

MicroGaming’s latest Avalon slot is excellent. The latest 243-way technology saves having to work out which combinations win, and the game flows smoothly and looks great too. The key reason to play is the progressive bonus round feature. This will not only keep you interested and entertained – it can result in some big payouts too. Avalon is a must see game – make sure you check it out for yourself soon.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.