EcoCard Casinos

EcoCard is part of a suite of services offered under the EcoPayz brand. This card can be used both online and offline, wherever you see the MasterCard sign. The key difference is that this card is independent of your bank account, it only uses the money you have in your EcoAccount. If you do not have a bank account, or simply wish to keep your casino gaming and your bank completely separate, then the EcoCard is the perfect solution for you. This casino payment option is not currently available for US based players but is great for Canadians and Europeans.

Here you will find a detailed guide to making EcoCard casino deposits. The first section below focuses on the practical aspects of getting your card and making your deposit. After that I have debated the pros and cons of this method, compared to the many other options available for international players. Finally, you will find my recommendation for a great casino where this card is readily accepted.

How To Sign and Deposit With Eco Payz

There are two steps to getting your EcoCard. First you’ll need an EcoAccount, which you can sign up for free at the EcoPayz website. This is a virtual wallet which you can use in a similar way to PayPal or Skrill. You can fund this account with a huge range of local and international options, and do not need a bank account. For complete privacy, you can fund your account using pre-paid cards or vouchers. Once you have done this you can send and receive money from 46 countries, in 3 currencies and even use a virtual credit card solution.

Applying for the EcoCard itself is the next step. This is a physical MasterCard, and will be posted to you. The pin number to use with merchants is posted separately. Once you have your card, you can use this to spend the money in your online account. This is not a credit card – any spend over your account amounts will be declined.

To deposit at an online casino, you simply follow the same steps as you would for any MasterCard deposits. First you’ll need to register a player account – this should only take a few minutes and will often include an e-mail verification step. Next you head to the cashier, here you choose MasterCard and will not usually see a separate EcoCard option. Follow the instructions given – entering the long number, expiry date, security number and any bonus code the casino gave you. After you submit the money should be available instantly.

Pros and Cons of EcoCard Casino Deposits

The key benefit of using this card is that you will not need to involve your bank account in the deposit process at all. Alternative e-wallet solutions like PayPal usually need to your link your bank account to their system, or at the very least to fund your account from your bank. With EcoCard you can use pre-paid systems including Paysafecard, avoiding the need to involve your bank in any way.

What I like best about this card is that you have a legitimate MasterCard; you can use this to shop offline as well as online. Since the card stops working when you run out of money, there is no risk that you get yourself in trouble spending more than you can afford with this solution.

One negative is that many of the ways to fund your EcoCard account can also be used as deposit methods themselves. This does make it feel like you are adding an unnecessary step by funding your EcoAccount first. There are charges for use, though these are small compared to the added security and convenience that the card gives you. As this system gains popularity around the world, its use as a person-to-person money transfer system will increase too.

Best Casino for EcoCard Deposits

You’ll have a lot of choice of online casinos with your EcoCard – as any operator which accepts MasterCard can take it. I recommend you check out Guts Casino. This is part of a new generation of casino operators, which have moved on from the old download model of offering games. Guts focuses on instant-play and mobile casino gaming. This casino has collected 100’s of the best titles from all different casino software providers, and offers them through an integrated platform. This gives you a huge choice, and means that you will not need to switch casinos to enjoy your favorite slot titles.

On top of this Guts treat their loyal players exceptionally well. You’ll enjoy constant promotions and offers here which include free-spins, reload bonuses and contests. This is on top of the already generous €300 welcome bonus offer.