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MGM Changes COVID Testing for Workers; Nevada Reiterates Masking

As COVID-19 remains an issue in the US, MGM Resorts is changing it testing process for unvaccinated workers and Nevada regulators reiterate the need for masking. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is alive and well in the United States. The omicron... Read More

Casinos in Nevada Hit $1b Revenue Mark Nine Months Running

Casinos in Nevada are on a role, earning over $1 billion for the ninth consecutive month this year. It appears as though Nevada casinos can’t be stopped when it comes to revenue earnings. For the ninth month in a row, the industry has earned over $1... Read More

Two Men Win Unlawful Arrest Case Involving Golden Nugget

Two men who were arrested at the Golden Nugget in late 2017 have won a case involving unlawful detainment. When visiting a casino, one expects to have a good time, not to get arrested. For two men from Maryland, that is exactly what happened back in... Read More

Omicron Begins to Affect Macau Casino Industry

The Omicron variant has entered Macau, with the global gaming hub expected to be affected by the virus in some manner. The Omicron variant is a form of COVID-19 that is hitting countries around the world at a rapid pace. Just when we thought some sense... Read More

Playtech Announces New Live Gaming Studios in US

Playtech recently announced the launch of live gaming studios in Michigan and New Jersey. Live casino gaming is one of the most popular categories offered by online casinos in the US as well as abroad. Players really enjoy the live content, as it... Read More

Atlantic County Decides to Challenge Atlantic City Casino Tax Break

A new tax break approved by lawmakers for Atlantic City casinos is now being challenged by Atlantic County. Just a few days ago, we saw lawmakers in Atlantic City approve a measure that will give casinos a tax break of around $55 million. The goal of... Read More

Canadian Provinces Start Restricting Casinos Amidst COVID-19 Increase

Several provinces in Canada are now enacting new safety and health restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue, including changes for casinos. COVID-19 seems to be hanging on and never going away. We see new variants pop up all the time and this causes a... Read More

Psychiatrists Warn Seniors 65+ Are Gambling More in the UK

The Royal College of Psychiatrists recently reviewed data from the Gambling Commission and concluded that patrons 65+ are betting more online than ever before. The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) recently conducted a review of data collected by... Read More

Covid-19 Variant Concerns Peak in UK and Canada

As Covid-19 variants like Omicron take hold, casinos in Canada and the UK face issues once again. They say history repeats itself, but we hope in certain circumstances that it doesn’t, like with the COVID-19 pandemic. When the virus began in early... Read More

Cashless Gaming Remote Registration Closer to Reality in Nevada

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has endorsed a change to regulations that will allow players to sign up for cashless payment accounts remotely. In Nevada, many casinos are starting to see the benefit of cashless payment methods. With companies like... Read More