Monthly Archives: January, 2021

France’s ANJ Plans to Overhaul Gambling Protections

L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) announced plans this week to change up the public policies and consumer protections in the country regarding gambling. Most every country around the world is reevaluating gambling in some form or fashion. In some... Read More

Iran to Consider the Death Penalty for iGambling Operations

Drastic measures may be taken regarding online gambling operations in Iran as a new bill has been introduced to penalize operators with the death penalty. Gambling laws vary around the world. You go to one country, and gambling is freely offered in a... Read More

China Changes Criminal Law Affecting Casino Junkets

The National People’s Congress of China has changed the Criminal Law, putting a huge strain on casino operators where junkets are involved. Gambling in China is a big no-no. It is illegal for citizens of China to take part in online gambling,... Read More

Ireland Health Experts Want Gambling Education for Children

Public health experts in Northern Ireland are requesting that students be taught about gambling harm to reduce issues once reaching adulthood. It seems in most every part of the world, gambling education is being considered in some form or fashion.... Read More