Monthly Archives: January, 2021

Landing Casino in South Korea Subject to Missing Millions

The Landing Casino in South Korea revealed millions were missing last week, with a large portion of the money found a few days later. It is not uncommon for a casino to be subject to criminal activity. For the most part, casinos are able to protect... Read More

Macau Sees Huge Drop in Visitor Numbers in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic played a huge role in the low number of visitors traveling to Macau in 2020, with an 85% drop reported. The year 2020 seems like a blur. For most of us, the year was spent in isolation and it is not over. The COVID-19 pandemic... Read More

New Jersey Sees YOY Decline in Gaming Sector for 2020

The 2020 reports are in for New Jersey’s gaming sector and as a whole, the industry saw a sharp year-over-year decline when compared to 2019. It was expected that once 2020 gambling revenue reports started to roll in for New Jersey, the results would... Read More

Southern Nevada Casinos Subject to Slot Theft

Casinos in Southern Nevada have been hit by criminals, with suspects taking stealing cash boxes from the venues slot machines. Every business is at risk of theft. This is why business owners take great care in protecting their property, adding secure... Read More

Online Casino Bill Emerges in Indiana

A new bill has been introduced in Indiana that will legalize online casino gambling in the state. Last year was a good year for gaming in Indiana. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the state hit record highs in the industry. Now as 2021 begins, one... Read More

Indiana VGT Measure Void of Restaurant Participation

A new VGT bill in Indiana would allow the games in veterans’ clubs but not restaurants in the state. Finding new revenue sources seems to be the goal of states in 2021. Last year, every state in the US was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

Colorado Gambling Towns Anticipate Higher Betting Limits

After legislation passed late last year, gambling towns in Colorado are now looking forward to offering higher betting limits to players. In November, the voters of Colorado approved Amendment 77. This amendment allows gambling towns in the state to... Read More

MGM Resorts to Furlough 140 Vegas Casino Managers

MGM Resorts has announced 140 casino managers in Las Vegas will be furloughed while hundreds of seasonal pool employees will be hired. In an odd turn of events, MGM Resorts has announced that 140 managers across its properties in Las Vegas will be... Read More

Massachusetts Lawmakers Avoid Gambling Expansion in Stimulus Bill

Lawmakers in Massachusetts have decided to avoid adding a third casino and sports betting to its new stimulus bill. One way in which states in the US have been able to bring in new revenues is through the addition of gambling services. Some states have... Read More

IGT Approved for Bitcoin Transactions Via Slot Machines

This week, International Game Technology (IGT), was approved for a patent to offer cryptocurrency payments via its retail slot machines. Yesterday, shares of International Game Technology (IGT) were soaring. The gaming device manufacturer announced... Read More